What you'll need

  • Roller (Foam Roller Not The Hairy One)
  • Latex wall paint (water based) or chalk paint
  • Tape
  • Paint tray
Read how to

Basic steps

  • Take your mandala out of the box and lay it flat; if it curls up place some books on it.

  • Make sure the surface is clean, smooth and dust free.

  • Place your stencil where you want it, and secure it with a few pieces of painter's tape, for the Sacred Mandala make sure it is level, or use a tape measure to make sure your stencil is straight.

  • Put your paint in the tray and then pick it up with your roller. Make sure there is no excess paint on the roller (so it doesn't drip). Use light to medium pressure, since excessive pressure can cause paint to bleed under the stencil. 

  • Be careful not to roll over the edge of the template! For a light effect you only need to roll once, if you want more contrast you will need a second layer. To get more contrast let it dry for 10 minutes and then roll over it again.

  • For with two sides, wait 10 minutes for the paint to dry before moving on to the other half. For the second half, place the stencil over the dot and drop you already did on the first half; so that the stencil fits perfectly. 

Remove stencil and enjoy!
  • Wait patiently for 10 minutes, then carefully remove your stencil and step back to proudly look at your new artwork.

  • Done! Enjoy your new decoration!


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