Two new mandala stencils

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Now you can buy two new mandala stencils! HAMSA MANDALA STENCIL

De Hamsa hand

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De Hamsa hand   In alle geloven...

Mandala stencils @E-LIFESTYLE

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A nice article from E-LIFESTYLE Creative styling, one of the shops that sells Mandala stencils.

Ancient symbols in a modern setting

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In a modern setting mandalas bring spirituality and peace to your home. Just take a look at how nice can your mandala stencil look. An easy DIY project...

About mandalas

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The spiritual symbolism ofthe Mandala finds its rootsin contemplative meditation.During meditation a Mandalais often used to focus thebody’s energy and spiritualattention on one point.Throughout history the interwoven circular...

Mandala stencils at Skovbon

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We are proud to say that mandala stencils are featured in the popular danish lifestyle shop Skovbon. Take a look at our mandalas featured in the...

Top 7 mandalas

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All of our mandalas are beautiful in their own way! Some mandala stencils are simple and some are more intricate, so there is something for everybody! Here is...

Decorate your kids room with mandala stencils!

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Wall stencils are simple and easy way to bring peace and harmony into your kids room. Use mandala stencils for walls or window. Use happy colors to match...