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This Tibet Mandala acts as a daily reminder of reflection and gratitude in your home. 

What does this mandala stand for
In Tibet, they see the process of creating the mandala as a spiritual practice that helps to find inner peace and harmony. This is partially because mandalas in Tibet are made of sand. The intriguing works of art are mainly created by Tibetan monks. Colored sand is poured into a beautiful geometric pattern. The process is very complex and requires a lot of concentration and skill.

The process of making a Mandala can take weeks or months. When the mandala is completed, the sand is ceremoniously poured into a river. This symbolizes the transience of life and the transience of everything around us.

Making a Mandala offers the monks the opportunity to reflect on what is really important. Something the monks themselves also do by chanting mantras and prayers while making.

What will it bring to your home
By creating this mandala in your home you can show daily gratitude for life. A moment to reflect on everything you have and how precious it actually is. Something that is easily forgotten in today's busy life.

Additional information
The dimensions of the stencil are 45 x45 cm (18").
All our stencils are made of highly durable recyclable plastic on 3mm PVC. They are robust and durable and can be used anywhere, anytime. You will be able to reuse the stencil up to 4 times. 

Pick & paint in your preferred color
You only need a little paint: 0.25 liter water-based paint. You can also use two Flexa testers for the same result. The dimensions are 45 x 45 cm, making it perfect for small spaces. A subtle accent with great meaning. 
Visit our how to apply page to explore how to make a Mandala using the Mandala Stencil.

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How To Apply Your Mandala With The Stencil

Placing your Holy mandala is very easy thanks to the stencil.

Watch the basic video on the right or check out our how to make a mandala page for a detailed explanation.

Do you have a specific surface? Check out our how-to videos page for more instructions. Can't figure it out, or do you have a question? Please contact us via email: hello@mandalastencils.com or via chat.

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Unique Xxl Designs

Custom designs created in Tibet and sold in Amsterdam. We are the only seller in Europe who has these specific designs.

Sustainable & Reusable

Your Mandala stencil is made from reconstituted recyclable plastic. Robust and durable, they can be used wherever and whenever you want.

Made In Amsterdam

Lasered in Amsterdam for high quality... on 3mm pvc

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