XL mandala stencil - Yoga Mandala 116 x 116 cm - 45" - reusable stencil - lasered in Amsterdam - diy a mandala in your home




Size: 116 x 116cm - 45" - lasered in Amsterdam

By practicing yoga we lift the energetic blockages by concentrating on the postures (asana) and by controlling the breathing (pranayama). the energy circulates back!

Yoga makes you smoother and stronger, but also gives you that beneficial, calming feeling afterwards

Yoga helps you to really be who you are and to look life in the eye in all its fullness, to move through it and to move with it.
To live from trust and to accept what is there you relax.

It makes you more gentle, patient and loving towards yourself and others. From the connection with yourself you enter into the connection with others and life ...

You can make this large yoga mandala on the wall or behind your bed.

Yoga mandala stencil is made of durable, reusable plastic in beautiful Amsterdam!  Set your spirit free with the contemplative lines and rounded curves of our Yoga Mandala flower stencil. An easy 'do it yourself' fun project to decorate your living spaces, a Mandala stencil lets you place your own special touch! 

Mandala stencils guarantee: Our mandalas are made of super durable plastic, each Mandala Stencil is reusable, strong and guaranteed to deliver a beautiful result every time. On walls, timber, stone, concrete, curtains, cushions and fabrics...the possibilities are endless. Just grab your Mandala Stencil and go for it!

Click HERE to see how to make a mandala using the Yoga mandala stencil!

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    How To Apply Your Mandala With The Stencil

    Placing your Holy mandala is very easy thanks to the stencil.

    Watch the basic video on the right or check out our how to make a mandala page for a detailed explanation.

    Do you have a specific surface? Check out our how-to videos page for more instructions. Can't figure it out, or do you have a question? Please contact us via email: hello@mandalastencils.com or via chat.

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    Unique Xxl Designs

    Custom designs created in Tibet and sold in Amsterdam. We are the only seller in Europe who has these specific designs.

    Sustainable & Reusable

    Your Mandala stencil is made from reconstituted recyclable plastic. Robust and durable, they can be used wherever and whenever you want.

    Made In Amsterdam

    Lasered in Amsterdam for high quality... on 3mm pvc

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