Mint green HOLY mandala Tapestry230 x 230 cm, 90,5"

by Mandala stencils


Tapestry mint color 230 x 230 cm 100% cotton Holy Mandala

Size: 230x230cm, 90,5"

Pink mandala tapestry 230 cm x 230 cm with white yoga mandala print

Mandala tapestries, a bit of BOHO Chic for you...

Add a touch of boho to your special space with one of these beautifully handcrafted cotton tapestries.

The MANDALA which is an ancient geometrical symbol from ancient religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, represents the universe and the infinite cosmos.

Each tapestry has been lovingly created using age old printing and dying skills, by  special artisans from Rajasthan, India. They pride themselves in their abilities to work with the handloomed cottons and produce beautiful,crisp prints for you.

These tapestries wills be durable enough for either indoor or outdoor use and can be easily cold machine washed.


Some ideas..

Wall hanging

Bed cover



Beach throw

Picnic blanket