Ibiza carpet mandala stencil 95 by 95 centimeters

by Mandala Ibiza stencils


Size: 95x95cm, 37"

Made in Amsterdam of durable reusable plastic


Bring your Ibiza memory into your house!


How to make a mandala using the Mandala Stencil:


What you’ll need:

roller (foam roller not the hairy one)
latex wall paint or chalk paint
paint tray
cleaning rag or paper towel

Ok lets get started: remember this is fun..so breathe deeply..put some cool music on and smile…

1. Make sure the surface is clean, smooth and dust free.
2. Position your stencil where you like it, and secure it with a few pieces of painters tape
3. Put some paint onto the tray and than roll it so there is no excess paint (so it doesn’t drip) use light to medium pressure, as excessive pressure may cause paint bleeding. Be carefull not to roll over the edge of the stencil!
4.For a light effect just roll once, if you want more contrast you will need a second coat. Let the first one dry for 10 minutes and than roll over it again.
5.Patiently wait 10 minutes and then carefully remove your stencil and be proud with your artwork


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