Dream catcher white rotan 32cm


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Dream catcher white crochet in rotan 32 centimeter
pimped up with ribbons, laces, feathers and pompoms; 
you can not buy this one anywhere else because i made them with love..

What is the meaning and history behind the dreamcatcher? 

You've probably seen a dream catcher hanging from a tree, a porch or above a bed; 
and wondered about its purpose and meaning. 
The dreamcatcher may be the perfect gift for anyone who suffers from nightmares. Dreamcatchers are round. Inside the loop thread is arranged in such a way it resembles a spider’s web; I made it from cotton tread and crochet it; all handwork and love i have put in it.. Feathers are attached to the bottom. Beads are often used. I made it even nicer we pimped it up with laces, pompoms and ribbons..

How does a dreamcatcher works according to believers

Dreamcatchers are placed in the bedroom.  When a person goes to sleep the dreamcatcher will attract all the dreams.  Nightmares get trapped inside the web. Good dreams pass through and slide down the feathers to reach the person sleeping. When morning comes and the dreamcatcher is exposed to light, the bad dreams dissolve and disappear.  They cannot survive in daylight. As the person wakes up he or she feels refreshed after a pleasant and peaceful sleep.