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This mandala brings a feeling of gratitude for life and everything you have. The graceful shapes give a soothing feeling and are perfect for different forms of meditation.

What does this mandala stand for
A doily is a decorative mat usually made of paper or fabric and is used in a variety of ways. For example, the mat is used to protect surfaces against scratches, for example.
But a doily is also used to tie flowers, to cover your head or to decorate clothing. In short: a product that you can use in different ways.

You can recognize such a decorative mat by the openwork surface. Here you can see the underlying object through it. 

What will it bring to your home
Just the sight of the flower of life creates a feeling of gratitude for life and everything you have. Give yourself a moment to reflect on all that has been gifted to you with this stencil and all the wonderful bonds you have built with those around you. 

Additional information
The dimensions of the stencil are 45 x 45 cm (18").
All our stencils are made of highly durable recyclable plastic on 3mm PVC. They are robust and durable and can be used anywhere, anytime. You will be able to reuse the stencil up to 3-4 times. 

Pick & paint in your preferred color
The only thing you need besides the stencil is 0.25 liters of water-based paint and a way to apply the stencil. You can also opt for two Flexa testers, which are exactly enough for the mandala.
Visit our how to apply page to explore how to make a Mandala using the Mandala Stencil.

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A mandala makes you aware of infinity and the connection with everything and everyone around you as a mandala has no end and no beginning.

Did you know that a mandala is also used in certain traditions, meditations and rituals? Buddhism and Hinduism in particular make extensive use of mandalas, the famous magic herb of the ancient Greeks, which is already given to Odysseus in Homer by Hermes as a means of protection against Circe's sorceries.
During the Italian renaissance botanists, most likely correctly, recognized in it a species of Allium, as in Greece, as in all Europe, it was regarded as the chief means of averting enchantment. Read more about the origin of Mandalas.

How To Apply Your Mandala With The Stencil

Placing your Holy mandala is very easy thanks to the stencil.

Watch the basic video on the right or check out our how to make a mandala page for a detailed explanation.

Do you have a specific surface? Check out our how-to videos page for more instructions. Can't figure it out, or do you have a question? Please contact us via email: or via chat.

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Sustainable & Reusable

Your Mandala stencil is made from reconstituted recyclable plastic. Robust and durable, they can be used wherever and whenever you want.

Made In Amsterdam

Lasered in Amsterdam for high quality... on 3mm pvc

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