Restyle your house with a mandala wall sheet

Restyle your house with a mandala wall sheet

In Buddhism and Hinduism, "Mandala" literally translates to "wheel or circle". With a number of craft supplies, such as a mandala stencil and a little imagination, you can draw up your own do-it-yourself project in no time! All you have to do is search for a blank canvas, plate, piece of furniture, wooden floor or wall, select your favourite mandala sheet wall in our shop and then create a unique piece of art for your home. The wide range of templates we offer, will certainly inspire you.

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With vtwonen, everything revolves around the interior and exterior of a home with an infinite number of living ideas. A mandala sheet on the wall is a great alternative for designer wallpaper. You can customize your projects with mandala wall sheets with your favourite combination of paint, colours and patterns. Whether you like trendy or classic, your home will look great with a personal mandala pattern! The templates in our shop can be used on an accent wall in the bedroom to create a boho chic and peaceful sanctuary or even in the kitchen, the choice is yours!

Mandala wall stencil

Be creative

Use different colours, add shades, use metallic paint, the possibilities are endless. All templates with detailed motifs from our shop can be used over simple latex paint, plaster, faux-finish background or even wallpaper if it’s in good condition. Our small and large mandala wall sheets suit every decor and every project, both indoors and outdoors. Depending on your size selection, you will receive a complete, half or a quarter of the pattern. To finish a half designs, first paint one half. Then you turn the template over, stick it and do it again. You receive a quarter of the design for the largest sizes. To finish these designs, place a pin in the middle of the design (a hole is provided). After completing a quarter, turn the mandala using registration marks. Then rotate the mandala until you have completed the entire design. More information on how to apply mandala stencils can be found here.

No inspiration?

Buy a 1/2 inch plywood plate and cut it into a square. Then paint the plywood with blackboard paint. When the paint is dry, place your chosen mandala template from our shop on top and paint the pattern using a dense polyurethane foam roller in metallic gold paint. Important: put the paint on a board or paint tray. Dip your foam roller into the paint and roll the excess paint on paper towels until the roller seems almost dry. The key to success of applying a template is to use as little paint as possible. Too much paint causes the design to drip and cause smears. Tape can help keep the template in place. A project like this is very easy, fast and brings a sense of harmony in yourself and home! Everyone can take the challenge! Do you feel the itch in your creative hands? Check our magazine for more inspiration!